contact:: designer's words:: I'm a working graphic designer in New York City. I graduated from The School of Visual Arts in 2001 AD. I have experience in print, web and animation in hi-definition. For the past 7 years I have worked professionally for television networks including: Indemand Networks (INHD, MOJO HD, Howard Stern On Demand) and Nickelodeon. I'm currently employed at Nick. 5 years ago I decided to stack a pile of tabloid prints by my respective desks. The prints reflect my work process and developement as a designer over the years. It's rough but it's real. The prints related to my full-time jobs are duplicates of what I presented to my directors at the time. However, some works are doodles, ideas, quotes or collaborations with talented co-workers and friends. The physical mass result is a rectangular cube of paper measuring 11"x17"x5". I then scanned each one and created this one web page. For viewing purposes I edited down many prints and created mini sections for organized thought. Enjoy.

for sale:: a signed copy of the stack is available for $40 plus S&H.

section 1:: (personal) random thoughts, designs, ideas & quotes


section 2:: designs & ideas for a concept channel called H2H (a channel based on competition)

section 3:: designs & ideas for Time Warner offerings

section 4:: designs, ideas & concept motion graphics for MOJO HD (all hi-def channel)


section 5:: designs & ideas for Howard Stern On Demand

section 6:: designs & ideas for INHD and it's programs (the first all hi-def channel)


section 7:: designs & concepts for Nickelodeon (web, print & on-air)